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  • What to do about Skid Row
    TANYA MCNICHOLS moved to Los Angeles from Cincinnati when Eartha Kitt died. She says she is on a mission from Jehovah. Asked how she spends her days, she fires off four words: “Shower, wash, read, pray.” Ms McNichols lives surrounded by her possessions on the street in front of the Union Rescue Mission, a non-profit […]
  • New York’s next mayors are accustomed to dealing with problems associated with growth
    TIMES SQUARE is the only neighbourhood in New York City where regulations require a minimum amount of display lighting. Before the pandemic, tourists flocked there to gawk at the dazzling lights or to take selfies with someone dressed as Elmo or Spiderman, or maybe with the guitar-strumming Naked Cowboy (who in fact wears Y-fronts). But […]
  • In America, a million evictions take place in a normal year
    BEFORE COVID-19, evictions were a hot topic, thanks to the publication of “Evicted”, a rare wonk-bestseller by Matthew Desmond of Princeton University. The book follows eight families turfed out of their homes in Milwaukee, their possessions unceremoniously dumped on the pavement. Mr Desmond estimates that there are 1m evictions a year in America, a staggering […]
  • Last year, more people in San Francisco died of overdoses than of covid-19
    THE FIRST time Jean was offered heroin, she declined. One night, though, when she was 18 or 19, she decided to give it a try. Over the next few years, heroin led to meth, and meth led to fentanyl. It wasn’t until she got pregnant in 2017 that she decided to seek help. “I was […]
  • Liz Cheney’s demotion is a death rattle for principled conservatism
    NOT LONG ago the prospect of House Republicans replacing a middle-aged security hawk as their number three with the 30-something representative of a district that voted for Barack Obama twice might have suggested something important about the party’s ideological direction. Yet only the most credulous commentators are treating the impending replacement of Liz Cheney, a […]

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