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  • Is America exceptionally good or exceptionally bad?
    WHEN IT COMES to boosterism, Americans are often second to none. Yet new polling from YouGov/The Economist suggests that among Democratic voters, pessimism about their own country is exceptionally rife. Among some 1,500 people asked at the end of 2021, nearly a quarter of those who voted for Mr Biden in the 2020 election said […]
  • The Supreme Court looks askance at Boston’s refusal to fly a Christian flag
    WHEN BOSTON opened its new city hall in 1969, the building’s Brutalist style prompted both cheers and jeers. On January 18th another dispute involving the site landed at America’s Supreme Court. Shurtleff v City of Boston asks whether Boston infringed an organisation’s freedom of speech when a bureaucrat refused to fly its flag depicting a […]
  • A new Barbie doll commemorates a 19th-century suffragist
    MORE THAN HALF a century before Rosa Parks refused to give up her bus seat, Ida B. Wells was removed from a train for refusing to move into a segregated carriage. Wells, a journalist born into slavery in 1862, later exposed the horrors of lynching and co-founded the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured […]
  • As Christian conservatives take to satire, the left is not amused
    CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES do not have a reputation for being funny. The language of the right has more often been outrage, while liberals dominated comedy through shows such as “Politically Incorrect” and “The Daily Show”. But some are poking fun at the left’s pieties with satire. The prime example is the Babylon Bee, created in 2016 […]
  • Merrick Garland and his critics
    IT IS HARD to pinpoint a moment at which the Republicans abandoned democratic norms for the end-justifies-the-means power politics that connects Mitch McConnell’s Senate leadership to Donald Trump’s demagoguery. Yet Mr McConnell’s refusal in March 2016 to hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland, an appeals-court judge nominated by Barack Obama to the Supreme Court bench, […]

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