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Our industry, by definition, focuses on money. Blue Dot Wealth Management recognizes the importance of focusing on people and developing relationships that extend far beyond finances.

When designing a service approach, our founder Rob Young cites a lesson his parents instilled in him. “When I was younger, I was always told to leave a campsite cleaner than how we found it. I have always tried to take that same approach when helping clients plan for their future.” No matter the client, we strive to create value in their lives and leave them better than when we began our relationship.

What does it mean to be a fiduciary?

Acting as a fiduciary means that we uphold a responsibility to avoid conflicts of interest. We must act prudently and solely in our clients’ best interests. That’s why we work with you on a fee basis. At Blue Dot Wealth Management, we take it one step further to ensure that we provide transparency in how our fees work, providing a breakdown of how our fees are charged and work with the client to minimize costs. We are proud to be a fiduciary because it means we are committed to putting our clients’ interest before our own.

Financial Planning

Every client brings a unique story to the relationship that we build together. Shouldn’t every financial plan be unique as well? Blue Dot Wealth Management focuses on the importance of individual care and personalized advising to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Just like two gears fit together, we will work to ensure that your financial plan fits your life and your needs to create a path toward the achievement of your goals.

Beyond our dedication to crafting a plan that fits your personal situation, we recognize the importance of adaptability in the financial services industry. We offer comprehensive and flexible advising that focuses on you. We will work with you when you encounter life transitions ranging from a promotion to the loss of a loved one.

Personal Retirement Planning

Retirement may be a distant goal or an approaching challenge. Regardless, we can meet you wherever you are. Blue Dot Wealth Management is prepared to help you build and grow a nest egg, then adapt your assets into usable income. Planning for how and when to use the assets available to you during retirement can better ensure the longevity of your wealth. Knowing how much your loved ones mean to you, we can help craft a plan for how your assets can outlive you. Working together to develop your legacy, we will see to it that your final wishes are carried out.

Small Business Retirement Planning

Starting a retirement savings plan can be easy, but choosing the right plan for your business takes careful consideration. Small business owners need professional guidance to help develop the appropriate plan for their future and the future of their business. Offering a retirement savings plan not only helps secure the owner’s future, but it can help employees secure theirs.

Very few financial advisors specialize in small business retirement planning, but we have the resources to help business owners navigate the ever-changing rules and regulations that affect those plans. We provide planning solutions for SEP IRA, SIMPLE IRA, and 401(k) plans, all of which have their own nuances to weigh.

Insurance Planning

Planning for the unexpected can be difficult and worrisome. We specialize in planning for what we all hope will never happen – but want to be prepared for if it does. Your life and family are too important to not protect in the case of a catastrophe, accident, or illness. We promise to put them first and help develop a plan for whatever life throws your way.

Similarly, life and long-term care insurance can make the difference between continuing on your retirement course and derailing what you’ve worked so hard to obtain. We offer a number of solutions to help protect you from the financial burdens that can come with providing long-term care or the loss of a loved one.

College Savings Plans

Let’s face it. A college education is expensive, and the ongoing rise of tuition has stretched families’ capacity to pay. Whether your children or grandchildren are newborns or much older, it’s never too late to begin saving with a college savings account. These accounts provide unique tax benefits at both the federal and state level, and planning early can save you and your family significant amounts of time, expenses, and stress over the long-term.

Not for Profits

At Blue Dot Wealth Management we are proud to serve those who serve the community. We know that those who fit under the not-for-profit umbrella are an incredibly diverse group of public servants with varying needs, but they often have similar challenges. We all want a comfortable retirement and often need guidance to achieve that goal.

We offer retirement services for 403(b) plans to help ensure that those who serve get their well-deserved retirement. With these retirement savings plans, educators and others who qualify can defer part of their salaries into the plan before taxation and postpone taxes on the income until it is withdrawn. We help to manage and provide guidance on these plans for employers.

We can also prepare 457 plans to help meet the unique needs of servicemen and women like police officers and firefighters. We want to help protect the financial needs of those who protect our communities.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein


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